Welcome to Education Consortium’s Virtual PLC!


Fotor0308141414EDC Collage

Education Consortium, LLC is proud to present its brand new Virtual Professional Learning Community. Our goal is to provide a platform where both administrators and teachers can share and exchange the best theoretical and methodological practices for ELLs. Through monthly articles and forums, this virtual space will allow educators the opportunity to ask questions and seek workable solutions to daily classroom issues.

Since 2002, our goal has been to ensure English Language Learner (“ELL”) student success by offering differentiated and custom designed support services tailored to meet the needs of school districts and/or individual schools within those networks. Our Virtual PLC will further implicate these services by providing voices from the field that allow social and educational networking to bolster classroom expertise in pressing pedagogical issues.

If you’re interested in joining our community and getting updates on the latest news for ELLs, please subscribe. For more information on Education Consortium, LLC, visit our website!


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